You are a certified nurse? Talentscoutry helps you to come to Germany. Also for talents, who are already in Germany, we have suitable opportunities, including further counselling and advice for career development or the preparation for your professional recognition. Take your chance and let us support you!


We offer our talents many benefits and services.

Fairness & transparency

We will inform you comprehensively about the requirements, the process of the program and the professional recognition and our common rules of the game.


Our client portfolio includes more than 50 of the most renowned acute care clinics, rehabilitation clinics, providers of in-patient care for the elderly and non-clinical intensive care providers.


Our experienced team of experts in the fields of language, care, relocation and integration is at your disposal and supports you from the beginning and secures your way to Germany.

Education and training

Language teachers, nursing staff and integration experts ensure your language training to make your start in Germany easier. We support you in your learning with our learning platform TalentEducation.


You can rely on us: We take care of all formalities for a good start in Germany and are always there for questions and information, even long after your arrival in Germany.

Full service

The programme is completely free of charge for our talents. You can concentrate fully on your training. We take care of everything else.


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What requirements do I need to meet for an application?

Basically, you need a degree that can be recognized in Germany, i.e. at least 3 years of training or a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Nursing and the relevant certificates, as well as initial work experience – and you should be willing to migrate to Germany on a long-term or even permanent basis.

Do I need prior knowledge of German for the program?

No, no previous knowledge of the German language is required – but if you speak other foreign languages, this can be advantageous.

How does Talentscoutry support me in my career in Germany?

Our service is free of charge for you. Your future employer will cover the costs for the language course, the recognition costs and the migration costs. Depending on the type of professional recognition procedure, only fees such as examination costs in Germany or, if applicable, the costs for exam preparation in Germany are to be borne, but will be partially or even completely covered by your employer.

Can Talentscoutry put me in touch with colleagues who have successfully completed the program and are already working in Germany?

Of course. We are in contact with a large number of our protégés and will be happy to put you in touch with our already integrated talents upon request as part of your application process.

Do I have to pay anything to Talentscoutry?

Our service is free of charge for you. Your future employer will cover the costs for the language course, the recognition costs and the migration costs.

What is the selection process for the program from abroad?

After your application with CV, a Skype interview will follow. Prerequisites are your professional qualifications and your motivation to gain a permanent foothold in Germany. In your personal interview we would like to get to know you better: your previous professional stations, your personal motivation and your professional goals. You have the opportunity to ask us any questions. During your language training you will get to know your employer in a further interview. If your interview is successful, you will receive your employment contract as soon as possible. This way, we ensure security and you know very soon, who your employer will be.

How does my language training work?

With our partner language schools in your home country and through our TalentEducation Academy, we organize a ten to twelve-month intensive course for you onsite in your home country. You will graduate with level B2 in your home country and we will support you extensively in your exam preparation. Even after you have graduated, you will have the opportunity to further improve your language skills with our experienced lecturers. Participation in the German course is free of charge for you.

How does my professional development work?

We start with your professional training by our nursing experts already in your home country parallel to your language training and then prepare you further for the recognition examination in Germany. This is done in close coordination with your employer and can take from three to nine months until the professional recognition as a health care and nursing professional, depending on the training differences determined in the so-called partial recognition.
Here is a outline of the process.

Do I earn as much in Germany as my German colleagues?

Yes, once you have achieved professional recognition in Germany, you are qualified to work in a full-fledged hospital or care facility and the same opportunities for further training are open to you. You earn the same salary as your German colleagues.

What does my employment contract look like?

You will receive the official employment contract from your future employer during your training in your home country. This is usually valid for an unlimited period. The usual probationary period in Germany is six months. You will work full-time as a permanent employee and earn the same salary as German employees. To avoid repayments, the employment relationship must last at least two years.

What is the cost of living in Germany?

If you compare the cost of living in German cities with other cities around the world, it is quite low. But within Germany there are big differences: Living in a big city in Germany is much more expensive than in a small town or on the countryside. This is mainly due to the rents. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to spend about a third of your income on accommodation. Basically, you can live well with the salary of a qualified specialist in Germany.

Do I have health insurance from the first day in Germany?

Yes. In Germany, everyone has statutory health insurance. Everyone in Germany has access to the same, high-quality health services. Statutory health insurance covers all doctor’s visits and medically necessary treatments.

Will I receive support in dealing with the authorities, finding accommodation and integrating into my new environment?

Yes, because especially during the first time in Germany we set the course for a good arrival together with you. We know from experience that you will have many questions. We therefore make sure that you have a personal contact person during the process of recognition who is available at all times for any questions you may have.

Further information:

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