Our heart beats for successful talent management in an international environment, especially in the healthcare sector.
The recruitment and qualification of talents in their home country as well as sustainable employee retention through successful integration are our focus.


We offer our customers many advantages and services.


Relationships based on trust are at the core of our business – fairness, integrity and transparency are essential to sustainable success


All participants are informed about the current project status


Our experienced team of experts recruits the right talent and takes care of all processes


It is important to us that all parties involved are aware of the respective expectations and requirements


Our language and nursing experts ensure a training standard of the highest level

Full service

Our offer covers the complete process of successful talent management and goes far beyond mere placement


for the German health care system.






Sustainable recruitment – we create prospects for life and work – worldwide.


The quality of nursing education in the Philippines has a high standard. Within the framework of a 4-year bachelor's degree program, excellent professional knowledge is imparted. Filipinos also speak fluent English and labor migration has a long tradition in the Philippines. Renowned Philippine recruitment agencies support us in our work on site. However, country-specific regulations require special know-how and a reliable network in the Philippines. With our subsidiary Start Medicare, we are ideally positioned to take account of the special circumstances and to provide our employers and talents with advice and support.

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Colombian nurses can rely on a high level of competence through their four to five years of academic training that is absolutely comparable to that in Germany. The content of studies hardly differs from European curricula for nursing education. Universities are located, for example, in the capital Bogotá, in Medellín or in Barranquilla. In Colombia, with more than 49 million inhabitants, you will find a large number of highly motivated and well-educated talents.

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South Africa is the southernmost country in the African continent and has a population of 60 million people (official estimate 2021). South Africa has the most industrialized, technologically advanced, and diversified economy in Africa. The country's economy is essentially based on private enterprise. But South Africa's levels of unemployment, poverty, and inequality are among the highest in the world, and it is also the country with the widest gap between rich and poor.
Nurses in South Africa make up the largest single group of health service providers and their role in promoting health and providing essential health services is undisputed. South Africa has three categories of nurses: professional (registered) nurses with 4 years of training; enrolled nurses with 2 years of training; and nursing assistants or auxiliaries with 1 year of training. South Africa is an epicentre for migration – it exports more health workers to high-income countries than any other African country. Migration from South Africa seems unlikely to diminish until the major concerns over security, crime, and racial tensions are resolved. So, considering a better lifestyle and security, Germany is a better option for South African nurses.

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With around 1.35 billion inhabitants, India is the second most populous country in the world after China and will probably overtake it in the coming years. For some years now, India has been one of the world's emerging economic powers; in the fields of IT and pharmaceuticals, India is now one of the world's leading states. However, the modern state is contrasted by age-old traditions, a poor infrastructure and the associated problems.
India trains the most nurses in the world. Nursing education is very demanding and includes classroom teaching, practical exercises and clinical learning. Clinical experience is provided under the guidance of faculty members in various clinical settings in hospitals and communities. However, nursing professionals earn very little, which is one of the main reasons why young nursing graduates in particular prefer to go abroad rather than work in India.


Tunisia has a state-funded healthcare system that has improved in recent years and is striving to expand access to healthcare for citizens and improve the quality of medical services. Nursing training in Tunisia takes place at universities for nursing (Bachelor in Nursing Sciences). These universities provide theoretical and practical training in various aspects of nursing, including nursing practices, medical care, patient observation and communication. The training program usually lasts three years and concludes with a Bachelor's degree.

There are several reasons why nurses from Tunisia go abroad: Prospects for better career opportunities and advancement, higher salaries abroad, access to more advanced work environments and technologies, and better working conditions - nurses in Tunisia can face high workloads and therefore often look abroad for jobs that offer better working conditions.

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What our customers say

"We have recruited professionals from the Philippines with Talentscoutry and have just expanded the current project - the cooperation is smooth, the team is always there for us. The close support during the entire process as well as the support of the candidates who are already in Germany is exemplary. We can only recommend Talentscoutry, a reliable partner."

J. PrölßDirector for patient and care management and board member of the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf

Talentscoutry has so far been able to recruit more than 100 specialists from abroad for our group of companies. This has made it possible for us to continue to provide adequate and competent professional support to our existing and new customers, despite the acute shortage of nursing staff. Talentscoutry has always supported us competently and reliably all the way to the integration of the specialists. Particularly noteworthy is Talentscoutry's continuous and constant support of each milestone that the foreign professionals, as well as we as employers, had to pass in the process of foreign recruitment.

S. HilleManager of DPG German Care Group GmbH

"With Talentscoutry, we have found a reliable and competent partner who supports us very well in the recruitment of skilled workers abroad. We would like to thank Talentscoutry and the entire team and hope that Talentscoutry will continue to have the energy and courage to accompany talents on their way to Germany despite all the hurdles."

F. LutterManager of HANSA Group


What makes Talentscoutry different?

We are from the industry. Our employees can rely on many years of professional experience as managing directors and specialists in the hospital and care sector and a team of specialists in the field of authority management. We know what you expect and we know your challenges! We will design your international talent management together with you: in addition to the selection and training of your future employees, we also take care of all formalities regarding work and professional permits for you.

In which countries does Talentscoutry recruit?

Our European neighbors are likely to experience a similar shortage of skilled nursing staff as is currently the case in Germany. We have therefore specialized in recruitment in third countries . In order to take account of the special framework conditions in the Philippines, we are active there locally with our subsidiary Start Medicare.

What services does Talentscoutry provide?

We see ourselves as a full-service provider and take care of all facets of international talent management: talent scouting, talent education, talent migration and talent integration. We accompany our talents from the first contact to the successful completion of their recognition process in Germany and, at the employer’s request, beyond.

Is it possible to book only individual services?

Of course it is also possible to book our service in single individually tailored modules, we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

With which language level do the employees come to Germany?

All international professionals recruited by us complete our German courses with the B2 exam in their home country. If desired by the employer, we also organize German courses from B1 level in Germany within the framework of funded projects.

How long does it take until the skilled worker can start in Germany?

We continuously recruit well-trained and highly motivated professionals in our partner countries and organize the language courses. Depending on the country, the language course lasts between ten and twelve months. We can already give you an entry date for your candidates at the start of the project. If there are still talented people looking for an employer in language courses that are already underway, it may be possible to go faster.

How does Talentscoutry ensure the technical language competence of foreign talents?

In addition to the basic language training, we also teach subject-specific and job-related German skills at level B1-B2 via our learning platform. These are divided into thematic learning units and deal with professional situations in everyday hospital life. The online courses are multimedia-based and offer varied access to many different teaching materials through audio and reading texts, images, videos, links to specialist and dictionaries as well as Internet pages.

What happens if a talent drops out of the training program?

We work with people. In the event of a termination, we will of course present you with an appropriate candidate profile. This is of course free of charge for you as an employer.

How long do employees stay with your employer?

We have specialized in skilled workers from third countries in particular because they want to migrate to Germany permanently. We also ensure that the basis for permanent integration is in place through a sound selection of our candidates, transparent contract design and fair expectation management. As a rule, the employment contracts are open-ended.

Who takes care of the entry, the professional and work permit and supports a successful integration?

We do – for this we have experienced specialists in our team and a large network.

How long are the talents coached by Talentscoutry?

We accompany our protégés at least until they obtain their professional recognition and, upon request of the employer, even beyond. We are still in contact with many of our candidates long after their arrival and support them in reuniting with their families.

How does Talentscoutry support the professional recognition of candidates?

Our talents are already extensively prepared in their home country for the professional recognition in Germany. In Germany, we then take care of the practical preparation for the knowledge test as well as the organization of the test through our cooperation partners. It is also possible to carry out the theoretical and practical preparation as well as the further language training (from B2) completely in Germany on a part-time basis through us and our cooperation partners. The great advantage of this option is that all course costs for the preparation for the knowledge test are covered by the Federal Employment Agency via the AZAV measure. Through the Qualification Opportunities Act, there is also the possibility that the wage costs for the time the employee is released for the measure can be reimbursed.

What do the talents pay for training and placement?

For our protégés, the language and technical training, entry, official costs and placement services are free of charge. In return, they commit to staying with their employer for at least 24 months.

What does the Talentscoutry service cost the employer?

Our service is designed as a full-service offer. Of course, you can also map individual modules yourself. We will be happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs. To contact

As an employer, can I also use Talentscoutry services if the foreign talent was not recruited through Talentscoutry?

Of course. We also support international professionals in further language training or in preparing for the professional knowledge examination who do not come from our program.